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  • Pollinator Friendly Farming

    If you’re planning on starting a farm or already run one, it’s worth considering taking steps to improve your bee and other pollinator populations. According to the USDA’s blog: Continue reading

  • Simple Changes to Make Your Virginia Farm Eco-Friendly

    If you’re interested in making your Virginia farm as environmentally-friendly and sustainable as possible, there are many changes you can make to your current practices. Many farmers across the state and country are making changes to their agricultural practices to reduce their environmental impact and save money! These changes can also help Virginia farms to sequester more carbon – a great tool for fighting climate change, which poses a threat to farming.  Continue reading

  • How Children Benefit From Living On A Farm

    According to the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services website, the state of Virginia is currently home to 43,225 farms. Virginia Farm Bureau estimates that 90% of all farms in the state are owned by families or individuals. With so many Virginia families living on a farm you may wonder if their kids are missing something because they don’t live in a more urban environment. Growing up on a farm provides a child with many benefits that urban youth may not be able to access. Keep reading to find out why raising your child on a farm may be the best choice. Continue reading