Virginia Farms for Sale

Agriculture is not only Virginia’s most profitable industry, but is also a critical part of the culture and economy of the area. Virginia’s identity has been shaped by agriculture throughout the last four centuries and even before, when Native Americans settled the area to take advantage of the rich, verdant landscape and mild climate. In recent years, Virginia’s state and local governments have done extensive work to promote agritourism, agribusiness, and agricultural education. With this support, new farmers looking for Virginia farms for sale can feel confident in their future success. Virginia’s strong farming industry grows each year in an effort to keep up with demand, so there has never been a better time for farmers and investors to join this thriving agricultural industry.

Farms for Sale in Virginia

Virginia’s Top Regions for Agriculture

Since different areas of Virginia have different soil conditions, elevations, and climates, each region of the state specializes in different agricultural products. If you’re interested in Virginia farms for sale, we’ll use our expertise to help you find the right farmland to support whatever you’re looking to grow.


  • Shenandoah Valley: This region is one of Virginia’s best-known for agriculture! One county in this area – Rockingham County – is even recognized as one of the top 100 agriculture producers in the country! Poultry is a top export from the Shenandoah Valley, though many crops flourish here as well. 
  • Piedmont Region: The Piedmont has a long agricultural history in Virginia dating back to the days of European colonists. Today, it is still known for being a top producer of the state’s cash crop: tobacco.  
  • Ridge and Valley: The southern portion of this region is primarily known for livestock. In the northern part of the region where it is cooler, many fruit trees are also grown. 
  • Allegheny Plateau: The mountainous landscape of this western Virginia region makes it a challenging spot for growing certain crops, but a fantastic spot to raise livestock! Tobacco crops also do well in the colder climate of this area.
  • Tidewater Region: Virginia’s coastal region specializes in crops that can thrive in sandy soil: cotton, corn, soybeans, and wheat. 

Virginia Farming Statistics

  • There are more than 43,000 farms in Virginia today
  • Virginia farming is a $70 billion industry
  • Almost one third of the state (7.9 million acres) is devoted to agriculture
  • Virginia farms employ 500,000 people in the state
  • 87% of Virginia’s agricultural businesses are privately or family owned

Virginia’s Top Farm Products

Virginia is consistently in the top ten producers in the country for each of these agricultural commodities:

  • Poultry – primarily broilers (Over $1 billion)
  • Cattle and calves (Over $650 million)
  • Soybeans and corn (Over $400 million)
  • Other Crops ($320 million)
  • Other Animal Products ($250 million)

Known for its successful farms, Virginia is the ideal place to delve into agriculture. Whether you’re a farmer or an investor, we can help you find a Virginia farm for sale so that you can join this productive and profitable industry!