Richmond Farms for Sale

  • Elegant Shenandoah Valley Winery & Wedding Venues

    Elegant Shenandoah Valley Winery & Wedding Venues

    Here is a family-run business in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia that produces a large selection of high quality, award winning Virginia wines. It also is one of
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  • Triple V Farms

    Triple V Farms

    Nestled in the heart of Virginia’s eastern coast, this 30+ acre property presents a remarkable opportunity to own a vineyard and winery. With a diverse selection of 13
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  • Caret Cellars

    Caret Cellars

    Unveil the potential of Caret Cellars, an expansive winery and vineyard property nestled in Essex County, Virginia, now available for $850,000. Encompassing 45 acres, this property holds promise
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  • Incredible Vineyard situated in Central Virginia

    Incredible Vineyard situated in Central Virginia

    An incredible vineyard situated in Central Virginia, and prizes itself as not only a gorgeous estate and an award-winning winery, but also a highly sought after wedding venue.
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Farms for Sale in The Greater Richmond Area

 Richmond, Virginia’s historic capital, is known as a political and cultural center – but it is also a haven for farmers! The Richmond area in central Virginia is ideal for supporting agricultural pursuits, from its mild climate, to its proximity to the James River, to its community eager to support local farms and farm-to-table restaurants. If you’re entering the agricultural market in Virginia, our experts at Virginia Estates can help you to find the perfect Richmond farm for sale to meet your needs! 

Richmond’s History of Farming

Unsurprisingly to those who know the quality of the area’s soil, Richmond was first founded by a farmer! William Byrd founded the city in 1742, and Richmond quickly became one of the area’s leaders in agriculture as well as in politics. By the turn of the 20th century, Richmond was well-known for its high-quality crops, and many farmers began to branch out into animal agriculture. Animal agriculture exploded in Richmond just after World War I, with many dairies opened here before World War II. In the last few decades of the 20th century, Richmond’s leaders made every effort to continue to support agriculture in the area by adopting policies that protect farmland for agricultural use. Today, Richmond farms for sale benefit from the same factors that first made the area a haven for agriculture centuries ago!

Agriculture in Richmond Today

Richmond’s climate offers a long growing season, making it ideal for growing many crops and raising many types of livestock. Generally the summers tend to be hot with regular rainfall, while winters are relatively mild. The soil in the area is formed from limestone and is well-draining, which reduces the likelihood of diseases such as root rot that can impact crops. Richmond also boasts a prime geographic location on the James River. The proximity to the river meant that farmers had a ready supply of freshwater for irrigation throughout the year. The river also helped to cement Richmond as a center for trading, as it provided access to the western portions of Virginia and to larger trade networks that provided markets for Richmond’s agricultural commodities. 

Top Agricultural Commodities in Richmond 

Richmond’s farms are able to support many agricultural products, from crops to animal agriculture. Regardless of the commodities you’re interested in producing, Richmond farms for sale provide fertile soil within a nurturing climate where your pursuits will flourish. Here are some of the top products from the area:

  • Dairy products and milk
  • Tobacco
  • Corn 
  • Soybeans
  • Hay
  • Cattle and calves

Finding the Perfect Richmond Farm

Richmond’s thriving agricultural industry is constantly expanding and ever-ready to welcome a new farmer into its ranks! Whether you are new to agriculture, are looking to expand your family’s farming business, or want to invest in a profitable industry, Richmond’s farms for sale have something for everyone. Give us a call today to help you navigate the market in Virginia’s great capital!