Northern Virginia Farms for Sale

  • Incredible Vineyard situated in Central Virginia

    Incredible Vineyard situated in Central Virginia

    An incredible vineyard situated in Central Virginia, and prizes itself as not only a gorgeous estate and an award-winning winery, but also a highly sought after wedding venue.
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  • Elegant Central Virginia Winery

    Elegant Central Virginia Winery

    This magnificent winery is located at the base of the Blue Ridge mountains in an ideal microclimate for the growing of Vitis Vinifera. Established over three decades ago
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  • Russel Rd Berryville

    Russel Rd Berryville

    Tucked in the heart of Virginia Horse Country, this 61 acre farm is ready for your personal touches. Surrounded by beautiful views, and just a short drive from
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  • James Madison Hwy

    James Madison Hwy

    Amazon just purchased 42 acres in Warrenton, and with special permit approval, data center will likely be built on the land welcoming thousands of high paying jobs. Tucked
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Farms for Sale in Northern Virginia

Right next door to bustling Washington, D.C. is Northern Virginia, a region that has preserved its historic charm and pastoral beauty despite the increase in development over the last century. A drive through the area shows beautifully preserved rambling plantations, colonial buildings, and the rolling fields of equestrian farms, all within a short distance of urban centers! Northern Virginia farms for sale offer the perfect opportunity to join this hidden gem of mid-Atlantic agriculture. 

The History of Farming in Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia has a long, proud agricultural history dating back to the mid-18th century. As English settlers spread through Virginia, they took advantage of the fertile soil and good conditions in Northern Virginia to plant tobacco. Tobacco quickly took hold as the area’s key crop until the Civil War, when crops grown for food became more profitable. Soon, the area became known for its high-quality wheat and dairy products that were shipped throughout the East Coast via Alexandria’s railroads. Many farmers in the area in recent decades still choose these commodities as they are so well-suited to the soil and climate.

Agriculture in Northern Virginia Today

 Today, Northern Virginia’s farmers continue to thrive just as they did in the Colonial era. Area farms see frequent local visitors as well as tourists who are visiting Washington, D.C. With the influx of tourists and restaurants that source local ingredients, Northern Virginia farms for sale have a robust built-in market for farmers to tap into! The relatively high average income of families in Northern Virginia means that there is a large local market for regionally grown organic food both at grocery stores and at farm-to-table restaurants. While much of the area is becoming more developed and densely populated, agriculture is nonetheless expanding in many counties in the region. In fact, in Fairfax County alone there are currently over 160 farms on 6,700 acres, and these farms make nearly $2 million in revenue annually! 

Top Agricultural Commodities in Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia boasts the same nutrient-rich soil as much of central Virginia, which allows many profitable crops to thrive. Compared to other parts of the state, Northern Virginia’s has a milder climate that makes it ideal for orchards and vineyards. These are some of the most important agricultural products you can expect to find at Northern Virginia farms for sale:


  • Wheat, oats, rye, and other grains
  • Tree fruit (primarily peaches and apples)
  • Milk and dairy products
  • Potatoes 
  • Corn
  • Hay
  • Animal agriculture (primarily cattle, sheep, and horses)
  • Tobacco


Choosing the Right Northern Virginia Farm

Northern Virginia provides many opportunities for buyers with unique needs looking to balance a peaceful, rural life with easy access to urban amenities. Whether you’re new to agriculture or new to the area, our experts can help you to understand the market conditions and explore current Northern Virginia farms for sale to find exactly what you’re looking for!